Felicity farmers fuming over destruction of crops

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Felicity farmers fuming over destruction of crops

Felicity farmers are fuming following the destruction of their crops.

The farmers operate on 100 acres of land at Petersfield, Chaguanas and are demanding compensation from the Land Settlement Agency (LSA).

Over 40 farmers of Petersfield Road in Felicity burnt tires and other debris along Petersfield Road and Cancandee Main Road on Wednesday morning to protest the clearing of state lands with their crops on it.

The farmers claim that they were mistreated by the LSA and did not receive any compensation for the crops.

Minister of Agriculture Kazim Hosein, reportedly stated that the lands were being cleared to give to the former employees of the now defunct Petrotrin.

the Ministry of Housing said the LSA had begun infrastructural works at Woodford Lodge, Chaguanas Main Road, Chaguanas, for the development of approximately 630 residential lots to be allocated to former Petrotrin employees.

It said a public consultation was held in February to apprise the community of the project and address any concerns by members of the public.

The ministry said over the period February to March 2023, however, an increase in farming activities by agricultural squatters was noticed, including structures on the site earmarked for development works.

It said as part of its project scope, the LSA facilitated several site visits to assess the works being undertaken.

The ministry said works will also include water reticulation and sewerage networks. The site will also include spaces for commercial, recreational and institutional use.