Erosion ravishing Pigeon Point beach

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Erosion ravishing Pigeon Point beach

Erosion are currently ravishing Pigeon Point beach in Tobago.

The Met Office in a Orange Alert warning said there will be large breaking waves near 3.5 metres, due to long period swells, have been observed along nearshore, north-exposed coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago.

Choppy conditions are also likely especially along northern facing coastlines in the Gulf of Paria.

Conditions will be amplified during high tides and exacerbated at spring tides. Impacts include: large battering waves, dangerous conditions for swimming and small craft operations, very high surf and dangerous rip currents near affected coastlines.

Sea bathers, fishermen, small craft operators, and other coastal interests are advised to make preparations to secure lives, livelihoods, and coastal property.

Photos courtesy Radical Sports, Tobago.