Eight Arrested At Bar In Barrackpore.


Eight Arrested At Bar In Barrackpore.

Thirteen persons were arrested for various offences by officers of the Southern Division Task Force during an anti-crime exercise in the district on Friday.

Based on information received, the officers proceeded to a bar at Rochard Junction, Barrackpore, where they saw several persons gathered.

Upon further investigation, the officers noted that the crowd was larger than five.

Eight persons were arrested and charged for the offence of Breach of the Public Health Regulations.

As the exercise continued, the officers conducted a search at an adjacent building, where they found five persons, two of whom were in possession of 46 bullfinches.

ARNOLD RAMKHLAWAN, 26, of Moruga, and SAMIEL JUGON, 37, of Oropouche were both arrested and subsequently charged with possession of protected birds without a permit, and keeping the protected birds in undersized cages.

Meanwhile the other three, KELVIN AUDHEM, 57, of Claxton Bay, was charged for the offence of consuming alcohol in a public place, JIMMY LAKHAN, 37, also of Claxton Bay, was charged for possession of cocaine, and ROBERT DILJOHN, 58, was arrested for possession of camouflage clothing and cocaine possession.

Ramkhlawan and Jugon are expected to appear today at the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court to answer the charges.