DPP is short-staffed by 114 employees

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DPP is short-staffed by 114 employees

Staff shortages still exist at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

Attorney General, Reginald Armour, in a written response to a question from the Opposition, said the DPP is short-staffed by 114 employees, with 226 out of 330 positions currently filled.

He said the total number of positions at the DPP is 330, which includes 104 contract positions and 226 permanent positions. As at March 1, 226 of these positions were filled, which included 162 permanent positions and 64 contract positions.

DPP Roget Gaspard had stated back in March that he had “an acute and chronic” staff shortage affecting its ability to prosecute cases in every court throughout the country.

He said his office had 58 attorneys and pointed out that a 2013 Cabinet note proposed it should have 137.

The written response by Armour said of the 226 permanent positions for the Criminal Law Department of the DPP’s office, 162 are vacant and 64 filled. Of the 226 positions, 129 are for practising attorneys ranging from State Counsel I to DPP. The number of those positions filled was not disclosed.

The total number of contracted employees for the DPP’s office, Armour said was 104, of which 64 are vacant and 40 filled.