NCPTA not supporting armed guards at schools

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NCPTA not supporting armed guards at schools

The National Council of the Parent-Teacher Associations (NCPTA) said it does not support having armed guards at schools.

The possibility was raised following the accosting of a safety officer at the Belmont Secondary School last Friday.

However, NCPTA president Kevin David said there is a general concern among parents, teachers and staff about school security and safety.

David said there must be mitigating measures to reduce the chances of recurrence, including ensuring the public understands the penalties for bomb threats.

However, he said the NCPTA does not support having armed security officers at schools, as it would bring other issues. He said the school environment should be a safe place for students, teachers and staff but admitted this is not the case at this time.

David said the NCPTA would visit Belmont Secondary this week to determine what assistance it can give to the parent support group and make suggestions.

The school’s PTA had indicated that they would be keeping their children away until they get the assurance that the school is properly secured and the requisite resources are in place.

Teachers at the school are set to file a Refusal to Work and send it to the OSH Agency.