DPP clueless about 10 new attorneys hired for his office

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DPP clueless about 10 new attorneys hired for his office

On Tuesday, a report surfaced that 10 attorneys had been hired to help fill the gaps at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

However, the DPP himself, Roger Gaspard is wondering exactly where those 10 attorneys are.

In a GML interview, Gaspard stated that he does not know of 10 new attorneys who have reportedly been hired for the Office of the DPP and no such attorneys have reported there as yet.

Gaspard said, “Ten new attorneys hired? I don’t know about that. No such attorneys have reported here as yet. I can’t say much more about that.”

Gaspard is set to meet with Attorney General Reginald Armour today.

The DPP’s Office only has 58 prosecutors when it requires 129 and is still located at Winsure Building despite Government renting a Park Street building for it since 2019.

Today’s meeting comes after Armour accused the office of the DPP of “under-performing” and statements by the prime minister that the Government, for the past three years, had been paying millions of dollars in rent for executive office space, which remains unoccupied, for the office of the DPP.