‘Disorder’ – Ultimate Rejects with a 2020 banger!!


‘Disorder’ – Ultimate Rejects with a 2020 banger!!

Written by MX Prime, mixed and mastered by Madman Johann, Ultimate Rejects is setting fire once again to T&T Carnival.

‘Disorder’ by UR promises to elevate you from off the ground at any 2020 Carnival Fete  and mas on the road.

Sang by the big man himself MX Prime with a voice so powerful even the music God’s shake when they hear his calling.

Packed with a medley of tones and variations you can hear sweet brass within ‘Disorder’ giving the listener bare instructions to leave nothing to chance but to just simply ‘break away’ – let the music take you away.

UR is already giving their fans 2020 music that will leave you mesmerised for the entire season and after.

Check out ‘Disorder’ on Ultimate Rejects’s YouTube page or simply press play down below.