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Desparate students in Tabaquite try to get to CSEC exams, but fail due to mudslide

This information follows reports that desperation to get to the Tabaquite Secondary School to sit CSEC exams this morning caused over a dozen schoolchildren to hike rides with complete strangers to get past a mudslide along the Guaracara/Tabaquite Main road.

A maxi taxi driver carrying students to the Tabaquite Secondary School came to the conclusion that he could not drive past the mudslide.

The school is a ten-minute drive from the mudslide however the driver said he was not willing to risk the students’ safety.

One resident said that she was forced to return to her home because of the mudslide, located at the 17-mile mark along the road.

The resident explained that the problem began last year due to illegal quarrying along the main road.

MP for the area Anita Haynes was said to have raised the issue with the Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan last September.

Sinanan said his ministry was also exploring its legal options to recover costs from the contractor who caused the mudslide.