Delivery driver for ‘South Pork’ gunned down

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Delivery driver for ‘South Pork’ gunned down

A 63-year-old delivery driver for ‘South Pork’ was gunned down and killed near the home of his employer on Sunday morning.

Victor Williams of Union Hall, died shortly after completing a day’s work at the popular street food cart’s Chaguanas location.

Reports state that shortly after 11pm on Saturday evening, Williams ventured to his employer’s Pleasantville home to retrieve his vehicle (a blue Hyundai Accent).

When he arrived in Pleasantville at around 12:20.a.m. and exited a ‘South Pork,’ branded vehicle, police said, Williams was accosted by two men.

Police believe the motive for the killing to be an attempted robbery, following which Williams was shot by the suspects.

His body was found by first responders lying face-down near a wall in the area.

Investigations by the Homicide Bureau of Investigations are continuing