Curbside recycling programme launched in South Trinidad

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Curbside recycling programme launched in South Trinidad

The San Fernando City Corporation has joined forces with the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) to launch a new curbside recycling programme in the southland.

The (SWMCOL) initiative, Be the solution to join the No Pollution Revolution” was launched Friday at the City Auditorium, San Fernando.

SWMCOL’s CEO Kevin Thompson said that through this initiative the waste will be going to the landfill in a best situation because many times it unfortunately ends up on the side of the road and in the watercourses.

San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello said the initiative would focus on waste separation and recycling in targeted commercial and residential communities within the southern city.

He said: “By doing so, we hope to educate all members of the community on the benefits derived from waste separation, reduction and recycling. Proper waste disposal is very important to environmental protection. Far too often we see the upsurge of plastic bottles and other waste that clog our waterways causing flooding and breeding of mosquitoes that result in vector borne diseases.”

Regrello hopes that by joining the initiative, “the public will realise what we are trying to achieve and become the solution to join No pollution Revolution.”

The first phase of the project will be rolled out at We Supermarket, Cocoyea Village, HDC Apartment building at Cane Street, Vistabella, TATECO Credit Union, Freeling Street and the office of the councillor for Les Effort West, La Romaine.