Cummings rebukes reports he’s being investigated by police

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Cummings rebukes reports he’s being investigated by police

The Minister of Youth Development and National Service, Foster Cummings, is rebuking attempts to malign his character.

Attorneys for the Minister issued a release on Saturday, “setting the record straight” on misinformation in the public domain and have denied that Cummmings is involved in any police investigation.

Last Thursday reports stated that the home of a government minister had been searched, following which, social media was abuzz with rumours that the minister in question was Cummings.P

However, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith denied the reports

In Saturday’s release, attorneys Asha Watkins-Montserin and Keisha Kydd-Hannibal of Virtus Chambers, said they needed to set the record straight amidst the “plethora of misinformation, malicious and downright untruths.”

According to the release, “Minister Cummings is cognizant that as a holder of public office, attacks are inevitable, however he is also a firm believer in rejecting lies and mischief aimed at him. There has been no police search of his home or any property in which he may have an interest. It must be underscored that the Honourable Minister has not been contacted or questioned relative to any police investigation or matter.”

The attorneys added that the MP for La Horquetta/Talparo is fully aware that his public life will mean attacks against him, but said there is a need to end the lies and attempts to malign his character.

“The rumours being perpetuated are false, misleading and are evidently designed by others to attempt to damage his reputation. Notwithstanding, Minister Cummings remains committed to serving his country, his constituents and his ministry with unwavering dedication despite these unfounded lies. The minister rebukes these attempts to malign his character. Furthermore, he has not been informed that he is the subject of any investigation by the police or any other authorities.”