CoP warned against “parroting” excuses and told to rely on policy

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CoP warned against “parroting” excuses and told to rely on policy

Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher has been accused of parroting the government’s blaming of crime on an evil over the land.

The accusation was made on Sunday by Opposition MP, Dinesh Rambally, during the UNC’s Sunday media briefing.

Rambally said. “The CoP is following suit by making God the bogeyman, by saying that the TTPS is powerless without God.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if we allow the top cop to continue on her present trajectory, we could very well face a situation where, if you are being robbed, if criminals are breaking down your door, and you dial 999 for help, instead of officers deploying response teams they will call upon you to join them in a prayer.”

Rambally warned the top cop against “parroting” excuses and instead rely on policy, not providence.

“Perhaps we should just abandon the idea of developing the National Forensic Science Center and just call the local priest, imam and pundit to conduct forensic examinations.”

“I want to remind the Commissioner that fighting crime involves data and scientific investigation of crimes, pursuit and apprehension of criminals and proactive solutions to curb crime.”

Rambally also stated that the CoP’s recent ten-point crime plan illustrated the police top brass was “utterly destitute.”