CoP: I gave no instructions to remove ‘Grande vendors

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CoP: I gave no instructions to remove ‘Grande vendors

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, says it has come to his attention through a viral video, that he gave instructions to remove
vendors from the Sangre Grande Market.

In the video posted on Monday, vendors alleged that a Councillor of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, told them that the CoP
gave instructions to have the vendors removed.

But the CoP pointed out that he gave NO such instructions to any Councillor. Commissioner Griffith said the Municipal Police have
been tasked with ensuring that the cities, towns and Boroughs are patrolled and if indiscretions are reported, they would act.

In this particular case, the CoP noted that he gave no instructions and wondered why a Councillor would reportedly use his name to
remove vendors.

From investigations conducted today, the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Police indicated that they had no involvement in the actions of the Councillor.