COP Erla Harewood Christopher: “There is no effective substitute to proper parenting.”

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COP Erla Harewood Christopher: “There is no effective substitute to proper parenting.”

“There is no effective substitute to proper parenting. Proper parenting is the core of addressing the root cause of many of our problems.” This from Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood Christopher who said that one of the root causes of crime in Trinidad and Tobago is a lack of proper parenting. The Police Commissioner was speaking during the Trinidad and Tobago National Council of Parent-Teacher Asso­ciations’ mid-year conven­tion celebrating 64 years, at the Hamp­den Multi-Purpose Facility, Lowlands, Tobago.

The COP said that breakdowns in the home, church, communi­ty and school systems have led to an unrealistic reliance on the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to solve all of society’s problems.

Harewood Christopher added  there continued to be an ero­sion of basic principles and failure to adhere to law and order, and society is paying the price in a lack of security, damage to property, injury to people and loss of life, with an escala­ting murder toll and that the police were aware of the issues.

With the murder rate on the rise in Tobago, President of the National Council of Parent-Teacher Asso­ciations Walter Stewart, du­ring his address, said the crime situation was of concern, especially with ten murders recorded in Tobago as of May this year, compared to 14 for all of last year on the island.

Stewart  believes the new initiatives being implemen­ted by the Police Service in Tobago, headed by Assistant Commis­sioner of Police Collis Hazel, would be successful.