Convicted Fyre Festival fraudster planning a Bahamas event

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Convicted Fyre Festival fraudster planning a Bahamas event

Convicted Fyre Festival fraudster, Billy McFarland is planning amnother Bahamas Venture, But the Bahamas Don’t Want Him

Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival founder who went to jail for defrauding investors to the tune of $26 million, is back at it again with another venture in the Bahamas. The new venture is called PYRT (a seemingly FYRE-inspired way of saying “pirate”), which he debuted on TikTok in an amusing set of videos.

“PYRT is not a festival. It’s not an event; and it’s not the metaverse,” McFarland says in a recent TikTok pitching the project. “PYRT is a technology I’ve been working on for the past few years called the VID/R: the virtual immersive decentralized reality.”

The Bahamian government doesn’t seem keen to host a McFarland-associated event again. “The public is advised that no application has been made to the Government of The Bahamas for consideration of any event promoted by Billy McFarland or any entity or parties known to be associated with him,” the government stated in a letter after McFarland began teasing a “treasure hunt” prize in the Bahamas in early November.