CMO says Omicron not to be taken lightly

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CMO says Omicron not to be taken lightly

The Omicron Variant of concern is continuing to spread at an unprecedented rate globally.

This is according to CMO Roshan Parasram who made the comment while speaking at the Ministry of Health’s Covid Update this morning.

He referred to the World Health Organisation’s update on the new Variant.

The WHO on Tuesday warned the new Covid-19 Omicron variant is spreading faster than any previous strain, and it is probably present in most countries of the world.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the WHO is worried that countries are dismissing Omicron as a mild variant.

Though omicron is more contagious, it is not yet clear whether the strain causes more mild or severe disease than past variants of the virus.

Echoing the sentiments of the WHO Director-General, Dr Parasram said that persons must not become complacent with the Omicron Variant.

He said that while Omicron’s ability to cause severe disease is still being researched, it can still overwhelm hospitalization.