Farmer Nappy relieved to be back home but says CAL could have handled things better

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Farmer Nappy relieved to be back home but says CAL could have handled things better

Farmer Nappy says that he is relieved he and the other CAL passengers, stranded in Puerto Rico after a Caribbean Airlines flight had to be diverted due to an emergency, have finally arrived in T&T.

The group landed in T&T at 2:26 this morning.

The passengers were met by a Senior Management Team from Caribbean Airlines upon landing.

The airline unreservedly apologized to all customers for the experience that resulted from the disruption.

CAL noted that it was its intention to have a relief flight operate on the same day the diversion occurred, however, because of circumstances outside its control, the relief flight could not leave Puerto Rico as anticipated.

Speaking on power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning, Nappy said that even though he was pleased that they were met by CAL’s Senior Management Team, he still feels that the entire situation could have been handled much more responsibly by the airline.

Commenting on reports that they each received a $400 voucher from the airline he said while he did receive an envelope he did not look at its contents.

He was referring to Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Senator Randall Mitchell.

Separately he revealed that conversations surrounding Carnival 2022 need to take into consideration the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic.

He maintained that while T&T may feel ready for Carnival 2022 because of what transpired in Miami recently, it must be kept in mind that there was great planning in place before Miami could host Carnival celebrations.

He lamented the fact that artistes in T&T do not have a representative body to speak on their behalf, because according to him, they are simply too fractionalized.

However he maintained that artistes should still be consulted when having conversations about Carnival 2022.

He said that the Covid pandemic is a very real threat and there needs to be caution in any discussions about Carnival 2022.

Story by Avril St.Hill-Babb