Citizens can once again receive Certificates of Character

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Citizens can once again receive Certificates of Character

After over two months of not being able to supply citizens with Certificates of Character – which some jobs require, the T&T Police Service has revealed that the come Friday, 7th May, citizens will once again be able to receive it.

This has come to be as the much needed Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which had been down for over two months, is finally being repaired and should be ready for use by May 7th.

The AFIS system allows the TTPS to search for a fingerprint on its national database.

The delay, according to a GML report, was due to shipping problems brought on by the pandemic. The server is also not owned by the TTPS, as they pay a subscription fee to use it.

While the system was down, Strategic Advisor to the Police Commissioner, Dwight Andrews, told the media house that there was a manual backup that was implemented in the interim, but that takes a lot longer.