Charles: Apparent political bias by the TTPS is now clear for all to see

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Charles: Apparent political bias by the TTPS is now clear for all to see

MP Rodney Charles has joined with his colleague MP Dinesh Rambally in condemning the evident exercise of PNM Government’s influence over the TTPS, indicated by the vigour and urgency in which they carried out raids on the homes of THA officials.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, he said apparent political bias by the TTPS is clear for all to see.

Charles said: “At a time when crime is at an all-time high, National Security ammunition being found at crime scenes, our Coast Guard is failing at securing our borders and preventing illegal entries and home invasions are on the rise, we have to question why the priorities of the TTPS are focused on political opponents of the PNM.”

“I hold no brief for THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, but it is clear the PNM is using the police service as its personal attack dog,” says Charles.

As someone whose UNC PASU office was raided by the TTPS for some trump up allegations of voter padding in the run up to the 2001 General Election, Charles is asking, why this over exuberant zeal to humiliate and embarrass opponents of the PNM?

“Nothing came of the raid on the Chaguanas PASU office of the UNC except endless negative coverage inclusive of a front page picture of himself in the Trinidad Express.”

Charles is asking why, in the 70 plus years and with massive evidence of PNM corruption including numerous questions regarding the donors list, Balisier House has never been raided or any police investigations carried out?

The Naparima MP’s release noted that during the Emailgate probe, offices were raided by the TTPS, but to this day we have never heard of any raids at any townhouse units at Inez Gate, or any investigations into the photographic evidence of Rowley and other senior PNM members with an alleged brothel owner.

“That is presumably why COP Erla Harewood Christopher can say her performance is excellent because the TTPS is busy doing the bidding of the PNM. Their performance is exceptional when it comes to intimidating and terrorising political opponents,” he said.

“Could it be that the Government has signalled to those who desire promotions to the top ranks of the TTPS that they must fall in line? The Prime Minister has already shown he is willing to interfere in the selection of the COP.”

Charles said: “So we must pay close attention to the PNM and talks of vetted police units to deal with their political opponents, it is just another term for PNM’s private army. It is a recipe for disaster. Democracy in Trinidad and Tobago, under this dictatorial Keith Rowley regime, is certainly in crisis.”