Caribbean tech firm enlightens organisations on how to defeat the ‘dark web’

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Caribbean tech firm enlightens organisations on how to defeat the ‘dark web’

Calibra Solutions Limited, one of the Caribbean’s leading information technology consultancies, has partnered with the dark web intelligence company Searchlight Cyber to help organizations to combat cybercrime emanating from the dark web.

On Thursday, August 24th 2023, Calibra hosted a webinar event titled “Defeating The Dark Web” in collaboration with Searchlight to commemorate the partnership.

The central theme of the webinar was “Unlocking Dark Web Intelligence for the Caribbean”, with special focus on how law enforcement, government agencies and enterprises across the region can effectively utilise dark web intelligence to catch and defend against cybercriminals and threat actors.

Key topics covered during the webinar included:
▪How the Dark Web works.
▪Conducting Dark Web investigations.
▪External Threat Monitoring.
▪Identifying Cybercriminal activity.
▪Gathering Threat Intelligence from the Dark Web.

What does “Defeating The Dark Web” entail?
Mr. George Whyte, Managing Director of Calibra Solutions Limited commented: “According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), cybercrime is now the world’s third-largest economy after the United States and China. Cybersecurity Ventures expects the damage from cybercrime to rise to a whopping USD $10.5 trillion by 2025.”

Mr. Whyte further added, “With cybercrime becoming a growing concern in the business world and elsewhere, one term that is often associated with it is “dark web”. It will become increasingly important for us to understand what the dark web is, how it differs from the web that most of us are using now, and how we can effectively monitor dark web activities”.

According to Dr. Gareth Owenson, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Searchlight Cyber: “Since the advent of the dark web, criminals have acted on hidden marketplaces, forums, and sites with impunity, conducting their activities in ways that are difficult for law enforcement to discover, monitor, and investigate.

“This makes our ability to gather intelligence on dark web activity highly valuable for law enforcement and enterprise security teams. An understanding of how cybercriminals plan their attacks, gather their resources, and choose their targets on the dark web can make a critical difference for the security teams defending their organisations against cyberattacks.”
The Calibra and Searchlight Cyber Partnership

Through Calibra’s partnership with Searchlight Cyber, dark web investigation and monitoring tools can now be made available to Caribbean-based agencies and entities. The investigation and monitoring tools enable law enforcement, government agencies, enterprises and MSSPs to catch cybercriminals and threat actors and defend themselves against the imminent threat of cyberattacks.

Searchlight Cyber’s Cerberus dark web investigation platform is the most comprehensive datasource on deep and dark web activity and allows users to gather intelligence and uncover criminal activity on the deep and dark web.

The DarkIQ monitoring platform acts as an automated analyst, continuously searching the deep and dark web for indicators of an attack against your organisation. DarkIQ automatically monitors for external threats to the digital environments of businesses or organisations and prevents costly security incidents against brands, suppliers and people with actionable dark web alerts.

These solutions have been used in some of the biggest cases involving dark web activity and are proven in bringing perpetrators to justice.

About Calibra Solutions
Calibra Solutions Limited is one of the Caribbean’s leading information technology consultancies, dedicated to providing advanced, innovative, reliable, and high-quality data drive digital transformation solutions. Calibra’s digital transformation solutions range from Information Security (including Cybersecurity, Dark Web Intelligence, Data Privacy, GRC & ESG) to Business Intelligence & Analytics, Financial Application Software, IT Consulting & Advisory Services.

Calibra’s mission is to unlock business success through technology by helping businesses manage, leverage, and maximise their investments in information technology; and guide them in their search for answers to complex digital, business and technology problems. The Calibra Way is focused on customer service, with deep relationships grounded in trust and fostered over many years. Calibra’s customers are leaders of industry across multiple verticals including banking, insurance, energy, telecommunications and the retail sectors.
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