Calls Made For Reopening Of Tableland Health Center

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Calls Made For Reopening Of Tableland Health Center

A call is being made for the immediately reopening of the Tableland Health Centre.

It comes from Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation,  Gowrie Roopnarine.

In a media release on Tuesday, the Corporation said presently, with the closure of the Tableland Health Centre, senior citizens and other residents from the Tableland area have to visit the Petite Café Health Centre to receive health care.

The release said furthermore, with the residents from the Fairfield Housing Development, the Ridgewood Housing Development in St Marys and the thousands of Venezuelans who reside in the area also using the Petite Café Health Centre, the staff is severly overwhelmed with hundreds of individuals on a daily basis.

It said as a result of this, the residents of Tableland are often turned away.

The Chairman claimed it would take no longer than two months to renovate the Tableland Health Centre and is calling on the Minister of Health to act swiftly to ensure the renovation is completed.

Chairman Roopnarine is pleading with the Minister of Health to consider the severity of the situation and the lives of the senior citizens and urgently reopen the Tableland Health Centre.