Call For An Epidemic /Pandemic Preparedness Plan To Be Created

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Call For An Epidemic /Pandemic Preparedness Plan To Be Created

A call is made for the creation of an epidemic/pandemic preparedness plan.

The appeal comes from Opposition Member of Parliament for Couva South, Rudy Indarsingh.

MP Indarsingh made the plea on today’s observance of International Day of Epidemic Preparedness.

The United Nations has used the occasion to highlight the global handling of epidemics taking into account the economic, social and medical impacts.

Locally Covid-19  claimed the lives of over 4000 persons.

The Opposition MP suggested this plan ought to be used as an immediate guide on how Trinidad and Tobago must deal with health crises declared epidemic or pandemic level by the World Health Organization.

Mr Indarsingh said this preparedness plan should be created and reviewed with the involvement of the Ministry of Health, the Opposition, Regional Health Authorities, local government bodies, business chambers and labour unions, which can speak to the myriad of issues that may need to be addressed.