Busy Signal storms out interview over row with promoter

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Busy Signal storms out interview over row with promoter

Busy Signal stormed out of an interview recently over a seeming row with a promoter. The Turf boss did not elaborate on what went down behind the scenes, but it’s clear that his beef was not with the interviewer.

The dancehall veteran shared the clip on his Instagram on Monday, leaving fans in stitches. In the clip, Busy Signal asked the interviewer what’s the name of the promoter before asking said interviewer to describe the promoter using a famous Jamaican derogatory word.

“You say the promoter a pu***hole say that,” Busy said to which the interviewer responded, “No me cyan say that.”

Busy Signal then abruptly ended the interview and stormed off with his entourage as everyone looking on burst into laughter, including the interviewer. It appears to be a lighthearted moment, even without context behind what was happening.

The “Stay So” deejay says he was only keeping it real during the interview. “Kip e real. …if that’s the case SAY IT,” he wrote.

In the meantime, Busy Signal announced his new song coming soon with Osman Garcia. On the musical front, Signal released a handful of new singles since the start of the year, including “Can’t Do We Shhh,” “A Thousand Times,” “Lady In Red,” “Cool Down,” “Tonight,” “Party Nice,” and “Cyah Tame” featuring Konshens.

Like several other dancehall veterans, Busy Signal was noticeably absent from this year’s Reggae Sumfest.

Busy Signal was recently honored by the Guyana Independence Celebration Committee in New York with a Congressional Proclamation for his invaluable service to the community.

“Grateful! Gratitude to all my supporters continuously,” Busy wrote. “I’m just getting around to posting these. It’s such and honour to be honoured and awarded. Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke @repyvetteclarke Thank you! Congressman Hakeem Jeffries @repjeffries Thank you! Mr. Rickford Burke @rickfordburke Thank you! Big up the Guyana Independence Celebration Comittee in New York! Big up to the United States of America. NYC! Shout out to @youngrichandpowerful!…. God is amazing! Keep it Busy! Great things ahead!”