Burning rubbish leads to destruction of Belmont auto garage

Burning rubbish leads to destruction of Belmont auto garage

A rubbish fire, started by a neighbour in his backyard, led to the complete destruction of an auto garage in Belmont on Sunday.

Around 8.30 am, fire tenders responded to the fire at Industry Lane in Belmont, which was started after a neighbour set a fire to dispose of rubbish at the back of his yard, which bounds the garage.

Residents said the flames quickly moved to the property housing the garage.
However, the owner of the property was able to move some of his wreckers before they were destroyed like other vehicles, engines, and parts on the compound.

Fire officials were able to stop the fire from spreading to other neighbouring properties but were unable to save the single-story wooden house in the garage’s compound, which was engulfed in flames.

A GML report states that investigators are considering charging the neighbour as he did not have a permit to start a fire during the ongoing dry season.
The offence carries a maximum penalty of a $1,500 fine or up to six months in prison.