Brandt: “My statements could have been articulated better”

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Brandt: “My statements could have been articulated better”

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanine Brandt says she has taken note of the sentiments being expressed on social media in relation to a two minute video of one segment of the Miss World pageant held in Puerto Rico in December 2021, where she highlighted the country’s poverty and it’s effects on young girls in areas her foundation visited.

However Brandt is now saying she should have expressed her concerns and charity work in a different light.

Below is her full statement – 


I wish to reinstate this statement to address criticisms of and support by some over portions of what was widely disseminated on social media.

I start by again declaring that I am a patriotic daughter of our beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. All my life, I dreamt of representing my country at the Miss World pageant and this dream became a reality when I was crowned Miss World T&T on January 31st, 2021.

As part of the journey of the Miss World Pageant, Beauty with a Purpose (BWAP) is a mandatory project showcasing the philanthropical work of each contestant in their country. I established The Brandt Beauty Foundation as part of my BWAP, with a core conviction for helping and giving back to the most in need throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Poverty globally is a hard reality many choose to ignore and conceal. However, after extensive eye-opening visits to various remote communities nationwide with several constituency representatives, I took the solemn vow to bring as much relief to persons in numerous communities, as best as I can.

I have met families that lacked the basic infrastructure to live a standard life. I have met kids who have not attended school due to a lack of basic resources i.e. electricity, basic clothing, devices, running water and various devices to access the new learning environment induced by the pandemic. While I acknowledge that all of our citizens have free access to education, healthcare and other public services some cannot afford transport to attain these services.

BWAP allowed me to highlight to the world, the initiatives I took as Miss T&T to mitigate against these challenges.

I am aware that some persons who viewed my statements in the clip circulated in relation to one segment of the event are hurt and angry. This clip omits the full context of the whole Miss World event and the many aspects of how we portrayed the whole beauty of our respective countries as representatives.

In hindsight my statements could have been articulated better especially in the perfect hindsight of only sections of the event being circulated. My intention was not to sensationalize any level of poverty in Trinidad and Tobago but to demonstrate the solutions that I advocated for in my small way to bring relief whilst bringing awareness from a different perspective. I had just under 2 minutes to do this!

Through this all I remain committed to the principal cause of my efforts and I will continue to be focused and committed to shedding light on social issues that are often hidden from many.

Quite unfortunately I am also compelled to take note in this release of the erroneous claims circulating, as it relates to my biological father. I wish to categorically state on behalf of my parents Jeffrey and June-Ann, that those proclamations are untrue.

I wish to personally thank everyone who defended my efforts to represent our country in the best manner possible.

To those that took offense, I can only apologise for any hurt felt and to ask for the understanding that full context matters in everything said or done.

I remain humbled by this experience, as I continue my reign as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago as I continue to strive to represent our beloved country at the Miss World Pageant.

I look forward to your continued support.”