Boss Babes Pt1. “I was my own boss at age 21”

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Boss Babes Pt1. “I was my own boss at age 21”

Being a woman in business and a health coach has its challenges, especially when working for yourself and managing hundreds of people.

Somehow Karen Deonarine has managed to be able to control both and stay afloat.

IzzSo Media sat down with Personal Wellness Coach, Karen Deonarine who gave insight about her life, challenges with being your own boss and living a healthy lifestyle.

Deonarine runs a family business that helps teach individuals about managing their lives through healthy eating, body imaging evaluations, personal weight goals and balancing a hectic lifestyle with healthy eating choices.

However it didn’t  start off that way.

She was encouraged to become an attorney by her father; she also obtained a distinction in radio broadcasting, 23 years after becoming a cosmetologist – but none of those she said fit her character.

Deonarine said at a very tender age at 21, she ran her own hair salon from her bedroom. Her father first assisted her with turning her sleeping area into a salon where she learned the business of dealing with clients on a daily basis and controlling her own finances.

Today, Karen said she has never worked for anyone in her life, but herself – years later she said she was able to help others achieve their weight loss goals, manage their own business  and fitness goals.

Her dream is to continue assisting other women to become future ‘boss babes’