Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley faces jail time

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Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley faces jail time

A woman who won a lawsuit against Rohan Marley has applied to the Supreme Court to have him sent to jail for disregarding a court judgment awarding her $15 million in damages after his employee crashed into her and caused her severe injury.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Marley owes the $15 million judgment debt to Trudy-Anne Silent-Hyatt, who was injured after a truck owned by him and driven by his employee crashed into the back of her car on April 15, 2016. She reportedly suffered severe injuries, and the accident reportedly exacerbated an existing health condition she was diagnosed with.

The court reportedly found that the driver of the truck, Jason Walters, was the employee of Rohan Marley and that he was liable for negligence in causing the accident that hurt the plaintiff and, further, that Marley was vicariously liable.

The court had ordered that Walters and Marley each pay $5 million to the plaintiff for general damages for pain and suffering, as well as $900,000 for post-traumatic stress disorder and $218,094 in special damages.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Youlande Christopher, had applied to the court to consider that she needed future medical care given the injuries, and the judge made an additional award in April 2023 amounting to U$ 75,000 for future medical care.

It’s unclear if the truck was personally owned by Marley or by his company, but the personal liability is an issue for him, and the plaintiff wants the court to send Marley and Walters to jail for not paying the whole sum.

According to the Gleaner, so far, the plaintiff has only received $3 million in July but has not made any other payments since.

Rohan is the son of Bob Marley and owns the famous Marley Coffee and RoMarley Beach house in Mexico. He is also the baby father of Lauren Hill, with whom he shares five (5) children.