Blac Chyna gets demonic Baphomet tattoo removed

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Blac Chyna gets demonic Baphomet tattoo removed

Reality star and Instagram model, Angela White aka Blac Chyna take her life changing journey to another level, by removing her Baphomet tattoo.

The former Kardashian star, said on Instagram that she hired a driver and drove to Las Vegas to have the tattoo removed – this as she said she no longer wants the energy of the sanatic symbol removed from her body.

White, over the past few weeks has been removing several items from her body which she said God no longer wants her to have as it is deemed degrading.

“The Baphomet tattoo is popular amongst those that follow occult and mystical traditions. But the image is much more than that for the people that get the Baphomet tattoo. Baphomet is a mysterious figure with the head of a goat. This figure happens to be in many instances during the history of occultism.
You can imagine with the head of a goat, this might be a pretty wild looking figure that can be tattooed in many ways. It’s a brave move to get a Baphomet tattoo these days. Regardless of what you think of the occult, a tattoo like this is going to draw eyes for better or worse.”