Saddam tells WASA: “Now is not the time to disconnect customers”

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Saddam tells WASA: “Now is not the time to disconnect customers”

Barataria/ San Juan MP, Saddam Hosein is asking the management of WASA to show some level of compassion and understanding for the present prevailing conditions that citizens of this country now face, particularly the constituents of Barataria/ San Juan.

This as WASA announced that it has begun a debt-collection exercise.

Hosein said “We are in our third lockdown since March 2020, with this being the deadliest and most infectious wave of Covid-19 infections. This is further underscored by the heavy restrictive measures which left many jobless and cashless, effective from April 2021.”

“With an already burdened population, it is unbecoming of the management of WASA at this time to threaten customers with punitive actions to recover their rates through the sale of customers’ property. WASA should not engage in these intimidation tactics but rather show a level of humanity in this crisis as many citizens have no money to purchase food or other basic necessities,” he said.

Hosein said he understands the difficult financial position WASA currently faces, but, he noted that “it will not place WASA at a deleterious position to hold its hand on disconnection of residents within my constituency.”

He added that during a time of a pandemic, water is extremely important for the sustenance of life and is critical for sanitization, which is an essential part in fighting this deadly virus.

Hosein said “The Ministry of Health is constantly imploring citizens to wash their hands, but WASA is disconnecting their water supply. If customers are left with dried taps, the consequences are dire.”
He is calling on the management of WASA to suspend its disconnection drive during these difficult times.