Biscuit and Tea – Sex scandal, bam bam in full view and much more

Biscuit and Tea – Sex scandal, bam bam in full view and much more

There is nothing more relaxing than opening a fresh pack of biscuit while sipping on hot tasty tea on a Friday afternoon in sweet T&T.

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With everything that is happening in the world – from the Coronavirus to Black Lives Matter, to Donald Trump and T&T’s General Elections heating up; unwinding with ‘Biscuit and Tea’ is the right snack to help end your week.

Zessers vs each other – Trinidad Killa vs Mouttxt

Coming from a family of wealth Mouttxt has a over 75.7K followers on Instagram; who tune in each day to watch the young ‘zesser’ drink Hennessy, flash wads of cash, sing and talk about his love for women.

That’s ‘Millennial Z business’ (don’t try too hard to understand, just go with the flow)

Then you have Trinidad Killa with 57.8K followers on Instagram who has been fighting to get his first good break in the music industry for over 14 years.

Killa finally got his break with his 2019/2020 hit ‘Gunman in yuh hole’  and ‘Das Zess’ which was the main anthem for Carnival 2020.

The issue with these two artiste is that Mouttxt is accusing Trinidad Killa of being a homosexual –

PAUSE – Side note: June is Pride month – Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world. Why was June chosen? Because it is when the Stonewall Riots took place, way back in 1969.

So even if Trinidad Killa was gay that would ultimately be his business and more so he should not be brought to task if the allegation is true…

However in the ‘Zesser’ world it would be blasphemous for a local Dancehall artiste to be known as a homosexual or be a part of the LBGT community.

Both artiste have clapped back at each other in song, WhatsApp messages and also on Instagram – along with their followers chiming in on the action.

This beef seems it may be on for a while – so let us just eat Biscuit and sip some Tea (in other words, mind yuh business).



Nailah Blacman vs Internet Trolls vs her ‘bam bam’

‘Watermelon Gyal’ as she dubbed herself, is T&T’s Soca sweetheart, with royalty running through her veins, coming from a family of musicians and the grand-daughter of the inventor of Soca, Ras Shorty I.

Nailah Blackman has given the world, naughty, nice and everything spicy and in-between – which we’ve all grown use too and love; along with her amazing vocals and high pitched singing – which captivated us when Kes the Band collaborated with her for their 2016 track titled ‘Workout’.

That song made us love the ‘President of the Red Man Association’ even more – (sorry got side-tracked for a moment) 

Blackman did her usual pose and smile on Instagram for her fans – but for some reason they were not too impressed with her side view shot.

Fans accused the singer of photo-shopping her past pictures which showed an even more plumped derrière than what they saw in her latest post; where she is clad in a leopard suit.

Nailah made sure to clap-back at her haters and with the opening of the country’s beaches, she wasted no time posing in a two piece bikini highlighting that the bum bum is in fact ‘phat’.

Now for some overseas tea –

B. Simone vs Book Readers hard earned money

Would you resurface into public life after you’ve been caught engaging in plagiarism? Isn’t it rather early for B.Simone to want to host a FREE Webinar about Finances, Law and Copyright Infringement?

Seems she has already moved past the tears, the sleepless nights and is ready to hop back on the money train.

B. Simone has announced that she is hosting a free webinar for some of her fans! After receiving criticism for the rollout of her book about manifesting, she has gathered a team of experts to teach her fan base about important topics like finances, law, and copyright infringement.

The webinar comes on the heels of some tough criticism about her book, and an apology, explaining that she outsourced a team to book together her book, and they did many things “without [her] knowledge”.

Now, B. Simone has put together a new team to keep fellow and future entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes that she did.

Maybe the U.S also suffers from ‘9 day wonders’ like T&T where we forget the past just as fast and move right along to be scammed – sorry sold on another entrepreneurial idea.

To make matters worst an old Podcast of her using transphobic slurs toward the LBGT community have resurfaced.

Gucci vs African Americans vs their pockets

Who doesn’t love wearing a good name brand to walk around feeling like they are on top of the world – we all do!

Buttt…with the change in the social climate everyone is conscious about where they spend their ‘coins’.

U.S rapper Boosie, saw a line of African Americans waiting to rush into a Gucci store. Instead of walking by and minding his business, Boosie decided to tell the anxious shoppers, that Gucci does not like ‘Black People’ and that they should not shop at the store.

Now you all know Boosie has no filter and definitely keeps it real at all times – Boosie said “Gucci don’t like black people, I don’t know why ya’ll in that line. Ya’ll stupid as a mutherf*cka. Gucci don’t like people, ya’ll still in the line.”

Not one soul moved from the line *gasp and I oop* he expected his fellow Americans to leave the line and boycott the high-priced store.


Would you have left the line and held your head high with your fist in the air saying “Black Power” or would you have stayed in the line and bought your Gucci wear?

The choice is yours and where you spend your ‘coins’ is totally left up to you.

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