Beverley Ramsey-Moore plans to lobby for a larger North Stand

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Beverley Ramsey-Moore plans to lobby for a larger North Stand

After the North Stand was reportedly oversubscribed during the Panorama semi-finals last Sunday, Pan Trinbago president Beverley Ramsey-Moore is hoping that the popular stand could be expanded for the future.

In a Newsday interview, Ramsey-Moore said she intended to ask for a larger North Stand to accommodate what she described as a hunger for pan.

The North Stand has an official capacity of 7,000 but a reported crowd of 9,000 showed up for the Savannah Party.

Ramsey-Moore said, “That is why we have to take another look at North Stand.

“That size of North Stand has been there for a number of years and we recognise with the rejuvenation of pan, I am going to make the representation to see if it is possible we can have a larger North Stand.

“Or if we can find another way to utilise the space and share a different type of experience within the same space. It is possible…”

She said line minister Randall Mitchell was there and she was sure he and National Carnival Commission (NCC) representatives would see the need to support the call for a larger North Stand.

Ramsey-Moore described the high demand as coming from a country passionate about the instrument.