Bard College Makes Tuition Free for Formerly Incarcerated Students


Bard College Makes Tuition Free for Formerly Incarcerated Students

Bard College and JustLeadershipUSA have announced the launch of a new program called the “Bard Prison Initiative” that will offer open enrollment for those impacted by the prison system.

According to Essence, the free program will be available to formerly incarcerated inmates themselves or those who are inspired to pursue careers in advocacy, community building, or social justice.

“JustLeadershipUSA is proud to partner with the Bard Prison Initiative and College & Community Fellowship to launch this new micro college,” DeAnna Hoskins, president and CEO of JustLeadership said in a statement. “We know that to truly invest in, elevate, educate and empower directly impacted voices, we must create leadership development and educational programs that fully unleash the potential of marginalized people so that they can drive and create the bold, substantive changes necessary to end systemic oppression and build healthy communities,” Hoskins continued.

The Bard Prison Initiative is set to open at the Countee Cullen Campus in Harlem this fall.

“College & Community Fellowship is delighted to collaborate on this life-changing resource that will be offered to residents of Harlem who have been locked out of opportunities for equity and justice,” Vivian Nixon, Executive Director of College & Community Fellowshipsaid in a press release.