Ashanti’s family wants you to ‘Be your brother’s keeper’

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Ashanti’s family wants you to ‘Be your brother’s keeper’

Ashanti Riley’s family is calling for communities to become closer knit and aware of the people living among them.

This from her aunt Lisa Riley, during a ‘Drive for Justice’ motorcade on Saturday, which was held in a show of solidarity for Ashanti and other women who have been victims of violent crimes.

Ashanti went missing on November 29 and her body was found in a river off Upper La Canoa Road, Santa Cruz, on December 4.

Lisa Riley said “We need to stop hiding and be more sociable because we have neighbours that don’t even know that there were two little girls living here. Some of them have been living in this community for 42 years.”

Riley also stated that had the family been made aware of the “talk in the community” or red flags, things may have been different.

Lisa Riley also stated that due to the tragedy, the family was now considering moving out of their San Juan home.

Riley said “We would not stay at this residence. We have to uproot ourselves again and move, but we are definitely moving.”

Ashanti’s family had only moved to Sunshine Avenue two months ago before this horrific incident occurred.

Lisa, said the laws governing heinous crimes such as murder and rape also need to be revisited, as “Too many women and children are being murdered. Families not having closure.”

She also added her voice to calls to regularise persons operating private cars for hire.

Ashanti will be laid to rest on Monday.