Firearm and ammo seized in Diego Martin

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Firearm and ammo seized in Diego Martin

Officers of the West End Police Station arrested one man and seized a firearm and ammunition during an attempted assault and robbery yesterday.

At approximately 8:30pm on Saturday 16th January, a man was driving his motor vehicle, a grey Mazda when he met a man whom
he knew, to discuss a job.

After the meeting he offered the man a lift which he accepted.

In a TTPS report indicated that while driving, the suspect, seated in the front passenger seat, pulled up the handbrakes and drew a firearm and told the victim
“do as I say or yuh dead” The victim made a right turn into the Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard and a struggle ensued in the car, the
victim was able to drive into the compound of the West End Police station and alerted officers there.

Officers PCs Nicholas and Lewis went to the aid of the victim, the suspect was searched and one black Beretta pistol together with a
magazine and 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition were found.

The suspect was arrested.

Investigations are continuing.