Apple employees kicks off petition to continue work-from home

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Apple employees kicks off petition to continue work-from home

Apple employees have kicked off a petition requesting that they be allowed to work from home amid the company’s return-to-office mandate.

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a deadline to all company workers, calling for them to be back in the office for at least three days a week, starting September 5th.

However in response to the policy, workers clapped back in the form of a petition, saying they are doing just fine working from home as they would in the office, demanding “location flexible work.”

The petition states:
“Apple Together — was put together by a group of workers at the company, who claim they’ve been doing “exceptional work” during the pandemic and after, in spite of not being in the office.’

“This uniform mandate from senior leadership does not consider the unique demands of each job role nor the diversity of individuals,” the petition states. “Those asking for more flexible arrangements have many compelling reasons and circumstances: from disabilities (visible or not); family care; safety, health, and environmental concerns; financial considerations; to just plain being happier and more productive,”

76 percent of Apple employees have responded poorly to the return-to-office mandate.