Antigua receives tracking wristbands for persons in quarantine

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Antigua receives tracking wristbands for persons in quarantine

Antiguans will now have a wristband attached to them to ensure that they remain isolated for the specific period identified.

The Antigua Observer reported that the Central Board of Health (CBH) made the amendment to the Public Health Act regulation that makes the use of electronic monitoring legal.

The new regulation came into effect on Thursday at 11 pm.

CBH emphasised that the device will be used for the sole purpose of prevention of spread of Covid-19 into communities.

The Antigua Observer reported, “All information obtained from the electronic monitoring device will be stored in a secure manner for the duration of the quarantine. The electronic monitoring will be terminated immediately on the expiration of the quarantine period.”

The wristband will monitor whether a person has left the designated quarantine area, as well as the health status of that person.

The regulation also makes it an offence to tamper with the device and anyone who does so can be fined up to EC$5,000.

Some 400 wristbands were expected to arrive on the island on Thursday evening so they could have been tested before being used.
Antigua is under a State of Emergency which is expected to end at the end of October.