Anil Juteram: Resources lacking for Regional Corporations

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Anil Juteram: Resources lacking for Regional Corporations

Head of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Anil Juteram is lamenting the lack of resources available to Regional Corporations.

This as he told Power 102 Digital that flooding began in North East Trinidad since Friday.

He said the area is also rife with landslides.

He attributed this to unplanned developments which have led to blocked watercourses and saturated lands.

Mr Juteram noted that despite the consistent flooding and landslides in the region, resources are still limited.

Calling for better communication avenues, he said the state apparatus does not have its ear to the ground regarding up to the minute needs and circumstances facing the areas.

He suggested that this has led to the lack of equipment and human resources and accused the Government of handling the disaster via press conference.