Alexander wants vaccine manufacturers to be held liable for their products

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Alexander wants vaccine manufacturers to be held liable for their products

Head of the Citizens Union of Trinidad and Tobago, Phillip Alexander has made a suggestion to reduce vaccine hesitancy, and it entails ending all liability waivers for vaccine manufacturers.

In a statement on his social media page, Alexander said “The rule is simple: you sell it, you’re responsible for it.”

He said,” If they refuse, then we will not take the vaccine, if you are so confident in your vaccine, you should not have any liability protection if it harms me or my child.
All vaccines to come with a specific set of efficacy claims and, more importantly, risk warnings. It’s up to the drug companies to decide what they should be.”

He added that if the aggregate experience with these drugs diverges materially from these claims, manufacturers are held liable.

According to Alexander, “You lie, you pay. You get it wrong, you pay. You miss something and kill people, you pay. This is the only way to seriously impact what is being referred to as vaccine hesitancy. People are hesitant because the vaccine manufacturers are unwilling to defend what they are promoting.”

He said, “If the cook won’t eat in the restaurant, why should I? What does he know that I don’t? Bullying and insulting the public won’t change it. Threats of forced vaccinations won’t either, so stop it. Nobody wants the country to descend into chaos and violence.
Want to reduce hesitancy? Stand by your product. Make vaccine manufacturers, government and public health professionals liable for the products they are trying to convince the public to use.”