Alexander told not to appear on Beyond the Tape

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Alexander told not to appear on Beyond the Tape

One day after questions were raised about the mandate of the Beyond the Tape television programme, Senior Superintendent and co-host of the show Roger Alexander, was told not to appear on the Thursday edition of the show.

The crime talk-show which is aired on CCN TV6, received instructions from the TTPS and confirmation was made on TV6’s 7 pm newscast on Thursday night.

CCN TV6 journalist Juhel Browne reported that the station’s general manager Richard Purcell had said the producer responsible for the Beyond the Tape show, was contacted by Alexander, who told her he was instructed not to appear in the Thursday segment of the show.

“The producer then contacted the TTPS’ corporate communications department and this (the instruction for Alexander not to appear on the show) was confirmed,” Purcell said during an interview aired on the TV6 news report.

The fallout comes on the heels of the Police Commissioner’s appearance before Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on National Security on Wednesday, where vice chairman Independent Senator Dr Paul Richards expressed shock that utterances by a “uniformed presenter” on the Beyond the Tape show were not in alignment with the TTPS.

Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher later admitted to being concerned about the show’s direction, and she also revealed that the show was now under review.

TV6 GM Purcell, according to the TV6 news report on Thursday evening, said the station is unaware if this instruction for Alexander to not appear on the show, was only for the Thursday edition, or for the rest of this week, or indefinitely.

He said efforts by TV6 to reach Commissioner Harewood-Christopher for clarification, proved unsuccessful.