Safaree regrets letting Nicki Minaj go

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Safaree regrets letting Nicki Minaj go

Love and Hip Hop star, Safaree might be having regrets after the fact as he hints in a new interview that Nicki Minaj might be the girl he regrets letting go.

Safaree and Nicki Minaj started dating in 2000, and the couple went on to probably being in the longest relationship for both of them. They dated for 15 years, with Safaree being Minaj’s pillar of support during the ups and downs of her emerging rap career and striving to be the top female rapper in the world while Safaree sought to launch his own career but stumbled. The pair parted ways, and it was far from amicable, with both seemingly taking shots at each other in the time post break up in 2014.

While being featured on Mr. Chime Time for a food review in Miami, the rapper chopped it up as they discussed chicken wings, Safaree’s acting career, and the truth about reality TV.

The rapper was also asked about love and who is the girl who got away from him when he seemingly hinted that the Queen of Rap was the one who escaped.

“ooh, That’s a good question,” Safaree exclaims before going on, “I wouldn’t say one that got away but you know sometimes when I look back at my life and certain situations and now that I see the amount of things that I’ve been through you know just when it comes to breaking up, you look back and say ‘damn baby, you know, we could have got through that,” Safaree.

When asked to give a hint, he said, “I’ll give a hint, we’ve been together for a very long time.”

The podcast also counted upwards of 10 years which is the longest relationship he has been in.

After his breakup with Minaj, Safaree moved on and eventually dated and married Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Erica Mena. The two shared a contentious relationship that saw them having two children, but eventually divorced, which was finalized in 2022.

Lately, he is rumored to be dating former Beauty Queen Amara La Negra, which has not been well received by Erica Mena, who has gone on to blast him for dumping off his kids to hook up with women.

Safaree was also asked about his genital photos that were leaked on Twitter when he said, “That really was like a how what the f kinda moment, everything I was doing, leaking nude photos was never a part of the plan of anything.”

Safaree said he was distraught by the leak. Meanwhile, the artist did not say further about his current romantic life noting, “I’m single and I’m just building.”