Ag Prison Commissioner aware of drones delivering contraband into MSP

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Ag Prison Commissioner aware of drones delivering contraband into MSP

Deopersad Ramoutar, Acting Commissioner of Prisons, says he is aware that drones have been flying into the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca delivering contraband.

However, he said while they have shot them down on several occasion, the number of drones onto the compound has increased in recent months.

He said: “The absolute solution is a technological one. Local techniques including routine searches have been used, and prisoners are sometimes not allowed to leave their cells.”

Ramoutar added: “We have had to shoot down some of them at times. “As a way to heighten our awareness we have special teams that work day and night to monitor these drones. A drone compromises security not only at prisons but through the country and it can be deemed a serious national security threat.

“There are approximately seven drones flying into the MSP day and night which transport cartons of cigarettes, wrapping paper, weed cellphones, wifi boxes and unspecified items which could be detrimental and compromise the security of the prison,” one senior prison source revealed last night on CCN TV6.

Officials at the prison say it is very difficult to shutdown these drops and clean up the Prisons system whilst having to contend with rogue elements.

This comes as video is currently circulating of a drone dumping contraband for a prisoner.