87 arrested for various offences in North Central Division ‘hot spots’

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87 arrested for various offences in North Central Division ‘hot spots’

“We know that there are certain areas in the North Central Division that are deemed as ‘hot spots’. However, with sustained, strategic, intelligence-led policing, we intend to cool down the criminal elements. We will ensure that those intent on breaking the law and distressing the innocent are the ones feeling the heat.”

This from Senior Superintendent, North Central Division (NCD) Brian Ramphall, as police trained their sights on reducing the incidence of crime in the Division. For the period 21st August 2023 to 18th September 2023, 87 persons were arrested for various offences committed in the Division.

During the period, police seized seven firearms and 77 rounds of ammunition, which resulted in the arrest of 16 persons. Seven suspects were also arrested for robbery, while five suspects were detained for shooting enquiries and three persons were arrested on murder enquiries. Eight persons were also arrested for possession of illegal narcotics, namely marijuana and cocaine, while 18 persons were arrested on various outstanding warrants, two suspects were arrested for gang-related activities and five other persons were held for motor vehicle larceny.

Senior Superintendent Ramphall went on to state, “As officers, we always have our Mission at the forefront of our minds, to make every place in Trinidad and Tobago safe, therefore we will continue to use intelligence in fighting crime, scientific data and analyse trends and patterns to deploy our resources with greater efficiency. We know that crimes are concentrated in a few specific areas within the Division, however, we have not given up on these areas, because these communities are also home to law-abiding citizens who work hard and want a safe place to raise their families.”

He added that his officers are also reaching out to the communities through various initiatives including Town Meetings and he is relying on the assistance from persons who support law enforcement to provide useful information to the police. Snr Supt Ramphall stated, “The police and the public are on the same side, we both want peace, security and safety in every community. Staying silent only benefits the criminal elements.”