8-year-old Naila Baynes launches debut book “Open Your Heart”

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8-year-old Naila Baynes launches debut book “Open Your Heart”

Nothing can beat the imagination of a child.
They will tell you they’ve seen fairies, dragons and Santa all in one breath, and for this reason, creative storytelling may come naturally to them.

So, it should be no surprise that children write books and are eager to be published, just like adults.

One such child who was eager to have her words published and follow in the footsteps of her mother is 8-year-old Naila Baynes.

Baynes, who attends the Holy Savior Curepe Anglican school, recently launched her first book entitled ‘Open Your Heart.’

The launch was held before her peers at school and Baynes even did a reading and gave away some bookmarks, along with copies of the book on the day.

Baynes said the message of the book is simply opening your heart to the many possibilities out there.
She said she was inspired to write the book following a walk with her grandmother.

As Baynes retells it: “My grandmother asked me to go on a walk with her one day and at first I refused. After she convinced me to go with her, telling me that I would enjoy it, I decided to go and we did have a great time. She later said that I should write a book like my mommy.”

“I sat down over a period of time and came up with the book and got some guidance from my mother with regard to certain words that I did not know how to spell.”

“The name Open Your Heart was my idea.”

Naila and her mother Dr. Sacha J.C Baynes

Baynes said she loves reading and writing, and is thankful to her mother and her Standard 1 teacher, Ms. Thomas, for guiding her with her writing.

Baynes said she has already started the process of writing a new book, which she admits will be one about adventure.

As for her mother, Dr. Sacha J.C Baynes, she is thrilled and proud of her daughter Naila.

She said “Naila basically created this book on her own and brought it to me and I must say I was extremely impressed to know that she settled down and wrote it.”

“I took the finished product to my friend and fellow author Michelle Borel of Michelle Borel Media, who liked it and immediately said let’s move on it, and the rest is now history.”

The elder Baynes is no stranger to the book world herself, having contributed among other authors to the book ‘Virago: Warrior Women’.
Her particular chapter was entitled ‘Overcoming the Imposter Within’, in which she detailed her experiences and challenges in undertaking her PhD and that journey to the completion of it.

Mrs Baynes said “Young children are the future and she is so very happy to see her daughter walking into her gifts, into her talent.”