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36 Officers Commended for Outstanding Policing Work

Thirty-six police officers from across various divisions each received a Certificate of Commendation, for their exceptional performance of duty in the seizure of firearms and ammunition and the requisite arrests.

The commendations which were awarded Friday 9th June, 2023 covers the period February to March 2023.

During the ceremony, Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood – Christopher commended the officers for their bravery, outstanding work and team effort. She also reminded the officers that their role is very, if not most important in the crime fighting process, as the nation continues to grapple with the challenges associated with illegal firearms and ammunition.

According to the CoP, “The retrieval of illegal firearms is essential in the fight against serious crime, as over 80 percent of those crimes occur with illegal firearms”.

Commissioner Harewood-Christopher also encouraged the officers to remember the TTPS’ mandate, and urged them execute their tasks honestly and ethically.

The CoP shared that while the plans are made and laid out, the officers on the ground are the ones getting the work done and bringing forth successes.

DCP Ag Intelligence and Investigations, Curt Simon was also present and praised the officers, all of whom he said displayed extraordinary dedication to duty. He encouraged them to continue the exemplary work, adding that the level of gallantry brings a sense pride to the Executive, and by extension the entire organization.

While ASP Gideon Dickson, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social Welfare Association applauded the efforts of the officers, saying that their excellent service of going above and beyond the call has not gone unnoticed. He also encouraged the officers to allow their actions to positively impact their colleagues to create a change in work ethic.