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Burglar’s escape plan fails after jumping out 2nd floor wiondow

A burglar was captured when he attempted to escape by jumping out a 2nd floor window.

Police showed up to an apartment complex in response to reports that someone was attempting to break into multiple apartments.

By the time police arrived, the suspect, Corey Payton, who was on parole for burglary, had barricaded himself in an apartment on the 2nd floor.

While in the apartment, he threatened to shoot the police.

The SWAT team eventually responded to the scene and a Crisis Negotiations Team was able to establish communications with him.

The officials were able to identify him and pleaded with him to surrender peacefully.

However Patton decided to cut off his ankle monitor jump out of the window to escape.

That escape plan did NOT end well for him as Corey had to be evacuated by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

He will be placed in a County Detention Center after he is released from the hospital.