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Barrackpore residents in flood clean-up nightmare!

Residents of Barrackpore are finding the task of cleaning up after recent heavy flooding due to inclement weather to be an arduous one.

Help has been slow in coming due to the slow run off of flood waters in the area.

After weekend floods CEPEP crews and community groups lent a helping hand, assisting in the daunting task of mopping up slush-filled houses.

The previous night, the floodwaters had been pumped out, however as the dawn broke, residents had to deal with more clean-up work as well as the stench of dead animals and flood debris.

Clean up crews are said to be ready and waiting to render assistance however it is not possible at this time given the situation.

Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy told News Power Now this morning that rain continues to be an issue at this time.

However he said that not many residents are marooned.

He emphasized the dangers of playing in flood waters and said there were health concern with diseases borne from the continued flooding particularly leptospirosis.

He also articulated the real need for water given that there was none in the taps.

He implored the public to provide whatever help they could to residents.