MP’s “out of touch” and lacking “empathy” in budget response

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MP’s “out of touch” and lacking “empathy” in budget response

Out of touch and lacking empathy.

This is how head of the Supermarket Association, Rajiv Diptee, sees some of the comments being made by politicians as they defend the Government’s 2022/2023 national budget.

PNM MP’s such as Keith Scotland and Shamfa Cudjoe have been slammed by the public for their comments.

Scotland suggested that people return to a coal pot if they can’t afford cooking gas while Ms Cudjoe seemingly suggested that persons were not willing to “sacrifice”.

Mr Diptee questioned if the politicians were really sacrificing anything as they buy expensive cars and receive large salaries which were not cut during COVID in contrast to the experience of regular citizens.

He said that rather than talking to the public, the politicians appear to be talking down to the public.