Women urged to exercise vigilance when offered employment

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Women urged to exercise vigilance when offered employment

The International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) is urging women to exercise vigilance and caution when offered employment.

The network says this is particularly when done in a random and arbitrary manner.

The warning comes on the heels of the recent incident involving a 21-year-old woman who was offered employment by a man who subsequently raped her.

The IWRN is advising if offered a job, women should obtain the name, contact number and address of the individual offering the employment and this information should then be checked thoroughly in order to validate the legitimacy of the offer.

It says a number of young women, particularly single mothers, are desperately in search of employment and have indicated that they are willing to accept any offer that comes by.

However, the network warned that citizens now live in perilous times which require extreme vigilance and due diligence before accepting.

The IWRN added that it is currently on a drive to assist young individuals seeking employment.