Woman who spent £51k removing body hair now proudly flaunts a beard

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Woman who spent £51k removing body hair now proudly flaunts a beard

A woman is proudly embracing her body hair after spending a whopping £51,000 on removing it.

Bethan Burgoyne, 33, became “very sad” as her body hair kept “growing and growing” and became stronger and thicker between the ages of 18 to 25.

She noticed she had “hairy legs” when she was 10 years old and as she got older she developed a moustache and chin hair.

She took extreme measures to tackle her hair from a young age including shaving, bleaching, and and waxing every month, which cost her £250 every few weeks, for over 17 years.

The podcast host said: “Wherever I go I will get one comment from someone – ‘how come you are so hairy? Are you a man or a woman?’.”

Bethany struggled to feel confident when she wanted to be intimate with others or even spend a day at the beach in swimwear. But now, Bethany has found the confidence to stop shaving and has embraced her “beautiful” body hair.

She said: “I felt encouraged to get rid of my hair. I was waxing, epilating, shaving and bleaching. It became very sad for me. I didn’t feel confident in my natural body.”

She began saving up for laser hair removal aged 27 – which at the time cost around £1k to £2k a go – before she realised she could put the money towards travelling and help support her podcast. ”

She still gets comments and stares of people confused by her gender – but she says she doesn’t mind.