Woman sexually violated with a hammer and doused with kerosene

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Woman sexually violated with a hammer and doused with kerosene

Officers of the San Fernando CID are investigating the beating and sexual assault of a woman at her home on Saturday.

The victim told police that around 8am, she was doing laundry in the washing area with one of her children nearby, when she noticed two strange men walking up her driveway.

She immediately shouted to the child to get inside the house and lock the door.

One of the men approached her and placed a knife to her throat and demanded money and jewellery. The other man stood guard at the gate.

When she told the suspect that she had neither in her possession, he ordered her to open the door to her house, which she refused.

The suspect, who also had a gun, then beat the woman, climbed on top of her, and placed the weapon to the victim’s mouth.

He then sexually assaulted her with a metal hammer that was stored in the washing area.

When she fought back, the suspect found a keg of gasoline and poured it all over her.

The woman was saved from probable death when one of her children shouted from the house that the police were close. Both men ran off and escaped.

Police are now searching for the two suspects.